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How to Seal a Criminal Conviction Record in Colorado

The process for sealing a criminal conviction record in Colorado can be daunting, but it doesn't need to be. A. Moffitt Law has partnered with Expunge Colorado to help educate Coloradans on how to seal criminal records on their own. In some instances, the assistance of a trained criminal lawyer will be necessary to determine if you are eligible to seal your record, or to represent you at a court hearing to seal your record. However if you have a criminal conviction record that you know is eligible to be sealed, you can take the following steps to petition the court to seal your record:

Criminal Conviction Records

A criminal conviction record means you pled guilty to a criminal charge and did not complete a deferred judgment in which the case was ultimately dismissed; or you were found guilty at trial.

  1. Obtain your criminal record background check at for a fee of $5.00.

  2. Complete JDF form 612 Motion to Seal Criminal Conviction Record which can be found here:

    1. Fill in the caption with the court address, your case number, and your name.

    2. Fill in your address, this is where the Court will send any communication regarding your Motion to Seal, including the final Order Granting Petition to Seal.

    3. Identify the law enforcement agency who arrested you in this case and their case number, which can be found on your CBI record check.

    4. Identify what level of charge you were convicted of and the date, also found on CBI record check in most cases. Identify when you completed probation or parole.

    5. Check the box asking whether or not the case was appealed, if you are unsure, most likely it was not.

    6. Make sure your CBI record check is current from 20 days before filing this Motion with the Court. If it is not, pull your record again.

    7. Make sure you have paid all restitution and court fines, otherwise you are not eligible to seal your conviction.

    8. Answer question 7 as fully and completely as you possible can. Depending on which county your case is in, the prosecutor and Court may rely on this response when deciding whether to grant your motion.

    9. Answer question 8, if you have questions on how the case is eligible, I recommend contacting a licensed attorney.

    10. Check the box that the Motion has not been altered. Sign and date on the Signature section.

  3. Complete JDF 613, 614, 615, found at the above same link, and fill in the caption, case number and Name and Address on JDF 613.

  4. Submit the Motions and Proposed Orders and CBI record check to the Court's office of the jurisdiction in which your case is in. There should be 5 documents total.

  5. Pay the necessary $65 processing fee, along with any other fee required by the Court, such as an electronic processing fee.

  6. Wait to hear from the Court. Call them if you have not received a response within 4 weeks.

If you have any further questions, or would like to hire A. Moffitt Law to assist you in your Motion to Seal your Criminal Conviction, please contact Abbey Moffitt Hruby today at or 720-893-1432.


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