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My Legal Specialties

Abbey Moffitt has been practicing law in Colorado for more than 7 years.
She specializes in the following areas:

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Criminal Defense

Abbey Moffitt is passionate about a defendant's need for competent counsel. 

Her criminal defense specialities lie in defending DUI, domestic violence and drug charges. She handles a wide variety of criminal cases though, including successful dismissals of felony menacing and robbery cases.

Trial Attorney 

Abbey Moffitt has taken cases to trial in both criminal and civil courtrooms. She has obtained not guilty verdicts, as well as six-figure civil verdicts. 

She has been to trial in jurisdictions throughout the state, including Jefferson, Denver, Arapahoe, and Grand counties. 

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Record Sealing

Abbey Moffitt is a leading expert on record sealing in Colorado. She has trained more than 100 lawyers, law students and paralegals on determining eligibility of a record for sealing. 


She testified before both House and Senate committees in favor of Senate Bill 22-99, offering key insight into the practicalities, costs, and difficulties of filing petitions to seal as an experienced practitioner. SB22-99 passed and has expanded automatic record sealing and eligibility to help hundreds of thousands of Coloradans. 

Personal Injury -
Motor Vehicle Accident

Abbey Moffitt has successfully litigated personal injury claims for her clients, ensuring they obtain settlements to make them whole after an injury. She has filed claims against the City and County of Denver and overcome governmental immunity claims. 

Abbey offers hands-on, caring representation that can help ease the burden after an accident.

Reviewing the Law
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